GlutaShield Vanilla




GlutaShield’s ingredients aid in the restoration and upkeep of GI enterocytes (cells lining the digestive tract) while promoting the well-being of the intestinal mucosal barrier.

This unique GlutaShield formula contains nutrients that specifically support the gut’s mucosal epithelium. The role of this epithelium is to allow for the digestion and absorption of nutrients from our food while preventing harmful toxins, microbes, and food particles from entering the body directly. GlutaShield comes in enjoyable chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Recommended Usage: Mix one scoop of GlutaShield with water or your preferred beverage, once a day, or as advised by your healthcare professional.

  • Supports GI Barrier Health and Integrity
  • Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance and Healthy Gut Epithelium
  • Provides Concentrated Nutrition for GI Cells

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Dimensions 3.63 × 3.63 × 3.88 in